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Welcome to Avipep

Avipep is developing Avibodies as an improved antibody drug conjugate platform.  Avibodies are small, stable, high avidity antibody derivatives that have superior biodistribution and tumor penetration compared with traditional intact antibodies. Recent clinical trial results in cancer patients have shown that Avibodies can rapidly and efficiently penetrate tumors and durably persist within the tumor for weeks while rapidly clearing from the systemic circulation within hours.

The development of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) using conventional intact antibodies has proven challenging with only four ADCs successfully approved to date but over 50 clinical stage failures [1]. A major problem with intact antibodies as an ADC platform is the limited therapeutic window. With conventional intact antibodies, safety and tolerability issues often arise which  limits the total dose that can be safely administered.

Avibodies can deliver highly potent payloads with far less toxicity and can be reformatted from existing intact antibodies.

1) JM Lambert and CQ Morris, Adv Ther (2017) 34:1015–1035